Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Minimalist Bike

Since the SUNY Purchase campus is pretty spread out I decided to take my mountain bike back to school with me this semester. I used to skateboard before I became more interested in music so picking up a new "extreme sport" was exciting. I'd rip around campus doing wheelies and bunny hopping over steps and whatever other "extreme" things I could find. It was a good time, until I broke my bike chain.

Purchase is flat. Thanks for the picture Riley Anne.

Since I was being active I figured I should take advantage of the gym on campus. I'd bike over to the gym and get on the exercise bike's and do cardio before I lifted. I still go, but it's starting to get old and I know that when the semester ends and I go back home I am going to be too busy to get a gym membership somewhere in the area. Guess I should just get a shakeweight....

Roaming the internet I came across what I think is the most beautiful piece of workout equipment around. And for a little over $10,000 it better be. The Ciclotte Exercise Bike is the most to the point piece of workout equipment I've ever seen. No longer do you have to hide your nasty treadmill in the closet before you have company over. If you can purchase this beautiful bike, you might as well show it off.

The steel and carbon fiber frame, reminiscent of italian super cars,  makes this thing a sight to see. Aside from being sold to wealthy fitness freaks this bike, designed by Italian designer Luca Schiepatti, has been included in multiple exhibitions showcasing its exquisite design.

Someday when I am making the kind of money to be able to purchase an exercise bike that costs as much as a used car I will totally own whatever next product Ciclotte comes out with. This beautifully simple machine would look perfect in any home gym or minimalist living room.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pushing the boundaries of movement

This past summer I got my first taste of the "real world." Monday through Friday I'd drag myself out of bed at 7:30 and hop into my truck and head out to fix houses that had water damage. While my friends were out enjoying the sun or the beach, I spent my summer in wet basements and nasty crawl spaces cleaning up mold. On the way to this one job there was this used European car dealership with an immaculate 1986 BMW M6. I'd drive by every day and just drool at it's beauty.

Beautiful iPhone quality
It's interesting to see how far automotive design has come. The boxy shape and hard lines have been given up for much smoother contours in recent years. The 2010 BMW M6 is a perfect example of this. The M6 retains the longer front end that is typical of 6 series BMWs, but aside from that bears no resemblance to it's classic predecessor. 

The 2011 BMW 6 series concept model is even more sleek. In the rendered image released by BMW the car looks like a stretched out drop of mercury. Simply stated it's gorgeous. 

To me it seems that most car manufacturers are creating automobiles that scream luxury instead of raw power. When you think Hyundai you most likely don't immediately think class, but the 2010 Sonata looks like an attempt to make a Korean car look like a mix between a Mercedes and a BMW.

Regardless it's nice to see something that really sticks out from this trend. Stumbling through various blogs as I normally do I came across the Peugeot EX1 and the Zenvo ST1. Both cars look like a cross between the Batmobile from The Dark Knight and the motorcycle from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira


The EX1 was created for the celebration of Peugeot's 200th anniversary. This amazing open air automobile is four wheel drive, pushing 340 break horse power and has already broken world records for fastest acceleration from a stand still. Oh and did I mention that it's 100% electric? The EX1 is Peugeot's way of showing the world what can really be done with electric powered cars. I can't wait to see what they'll be coming up with next.

Don't forget your goggles!

Then, straight out of Denmark, is the beast of a machine the Zenvo ST1. This serious super car pushes out 1,104 bhp and is powered by a 7 liter V8 Engine. Good luck getting your hands on one though. Aside from the fact that they're priced the same as a Bugatti Veyron, only fifteen cars are made a year. Exclusive? I think so. 
The car is mean
With all the similarly shaped luxury cars I see on a daily basis it's refreshing that super car companies are continually pushing the boundaries of automotive design to their limits. As long as companies like Zenvo  exist, I'll be happy. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have a Deathwish

So I'm glad I stumbled across Baker skateboards' sister company Deathwish a couple months back. It's been a while since I put down my skateboard for my bike so I guess I'm a little out of the loop. They have a  nasty line up of skaters, including my man Lizard King. The kid shreds. If you haven't seen the "Baker has Deathwish" DVD you need to get on that shit.

Their spring 2010 pro series decks are out in stores now and they've got some gnarly designs.

Included in this seasons pro series decks are Antwaun Dixon, Erik Ellington, Brian Hanse, Lizard King, and Jim Greco.

Their soft goods are just as sick. I love egypt and space. Thanks Greco.