Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have a Deathwish

So I'm glad I stumbled across Baker skateboards' sister company Deathwish a couple months back. It's been a while since I put down my skateboard for my bike so I guess I'm a little out of the loop. They have a  nasty line up of skaters, including my man Lizard King. The kid shreds. If you haven't seen the "Baker has Deathwish" DVD you need to get on that shit.

Their spring 2010 pro series decks are out in stores now and they've got some gnarly designs.

Included in this seasons pro series decks are Antwaun Dixon, Erik Ellington, Brian Hanse, Lizard King, and Jim Greco.

Their soft goods are just as sick. I love egypt and space. Thanks Greco. 

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