Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Minimalist Bike

Since the SUNY Purchase campus is pretty spread out I decided to take my mountain bike back to school with me this semester. I used to skateboard before I became more interested in music so picking up a new "extreme sport" was exciting. I'd rip around campus doing wheelies and bunny hopping over steps and whatever other "extreme" things I could find. It was a good time, until I broke my bike chain.

Purchase is flat. Thanks for the picture Riley Anne.

Since I was being active I figured I should take advantage of the gym on campus. I'd bike over to the gym and get on the exercise bike's and do cardio before I lifted. I still go, but it's starting to get old and I know that when the semester ends and I go back home I am going to be too busy to get a gym membership somewhere in the area. Guess I should just get a shakeweight....

Roaming the internet I came across what I think is the most beautiful piece of workout equipment around. And for a little over $10,000 it better be. The Ciclotte Exercise Bike is the most to the point piece of workout equipment I've ever seen. No longer do you have to hide your nasty treadmill in the closet before you have company over. If you can purchase this beautiful bike, you might as well show it off.

The steel and carbon fiber frame, reminiscent of italian super cars,  makes this thing a sight to see. Aside from being sold to wealthy fitness freaks this bike, designed by Italian designer Luca Schiepatti, has been included in multiple exhibitions showcasing its exquisite design.

Someday when I am making the kind of money to be able to purchase an exercise bike that costs as much as a used car I will totally own whatever next product Ciclotte comes out with. This beautifully simple machine would look perfect in any home gym or minimalist living room.

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