Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hipster Cigarettes

As if an ironic mustache and a stupid haircut wasn't bad enough hipsters now have their very own brand of cigarettes! Camels "Break Free Adventure" campaign highlights different cities around the nation and this weeks happens to be none only than the hipster central headquarters, Williamsburg! More after the jump!

camel williamsburg cigarettes

Get em while you can because the New York City Health Officials are pissed. Camel describes Williamsburg as, "Some call it the most famous hipster neighborhood. But it's not about hip. It's about breaking free. It's about last call, a sloppy kiss goodbye and a solo saunter to a rock show in an abandoned building. It' where a tree grows. It's Camel in the Williamsburg corner of Brooklyn."

So there you go hipsters, don your vintage American Apparel Tees and run out to the nearest bodega and rep your neighborhood! While you're at it you might also want to try and buy up as many Four Loko's as you can before they're gone!

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